Hyundai N Line

Hyundai N is the high-performance division of Hyundai Motor Group. N motivates drivers passionate about automobiles to experience the ultimate joy of driving high-performance vehicles.

Every N Series car is designed by experts who are passionate about motor vehicles. Every N series vehicle is bred and born at the famous Hyundai Motor Namyang R & R&D Center and then taken to the famous Nürburgring in Germany, one of the most famous and painstaking tracks globally. These cars are driven to their absolute limit, undergoing rigorous testing and inspections to create a vehicle that meets your desire.


Veloster N comes with a six-speed manual with rev-matching to make sure you get the most out of the short-throw six-speed manual. To create a better driving experience, a shift timing indicator alerts you when approaching redline for peak acceleration.

All N Series available with N 8-Speed Wet Dual Clutch Transmission with pedal shifters. If you like the more traditional feeling of changing gear, you can use the Dual-Clutch transmission, or if you want to keep everything within your fingertip, then switch to the pedal shifters.

  • Unlike a manual and automatic transmission, you will hear a clicking sound when you turn the ignition on and off and shifting into drive and reverse.
  • The DCT utilizes two clutches controlled by electrical clutch actuators. A high-speed reversible motor moves the clutches. As the engine operates, you may notice a faint hum. This is a typical sound for the DCT.
  • The DCT features Hillstart Assist Control. When you stop on a steep hill, if you remove your foot from the brake pedal, the vehicle will remain stationary for two seconds to prevent the car from rolling backwards. After two seconds, if you don't accelerate or put your foot on the brake, the vehicle will enter "creep mode" and start rolling backwards. We at Don Valley North Hyundai strongly recommend you to use your break and not using creep mode to hold the car on a hill to avoid damaging the clutch.
  • When the DCT is in Drive mode, an indicator lamp is in the center of the instrument cluster on the dashboard that will show you the gear shift positions. If the clutch is overheating, you will see the gear display blink. In that case, we strongly recommend coming to a safe and complete stop and wait few minutes. Do not start driving until the gear display stops blinking; otherwise, it can lead to transmission damage.

For non-N Series vehicles, it is recommended to allow the engine to run for 10 to 20 seconds before placing it to gear and in colder weather, waiting a bit longer between 60 to 90 seconds. For the N Series vehicles, we recommend waiting a bit longer.

SHIFTRONIC is essentially pedal shifters that allow you to upshift and downshift with an automatic transmission manually. The feature comes in very handy when you are going uphill, downhill, driving in inclement weather, and more to control your vehicle.

The engine oil is essential to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently. The oil doesn't just lubricate the engine parts but also makes sure it keeps the engine cool, washing the engine and cleaning the sediment that builds up from internal combustion. We at Don Valley North Hyundai Service Department strongly recommend not to delay oil change, especially on high-performance vehicles such as the N Series vehicles. Delaying oil change will increase friction between parts, affect the distance between pieces and increase the chances of stiffness of the machine or poor performance and response.

Don Valley North Hyundai is part of Weins Canada, and we come with a full-service centre that can service anything from an oil change to change valve covers in your engine. Our employees are industry certified and take good care of you. We don't only help you get the vehicle you need, but we also provide full service to your car. Since we are an authorized service center, our staff are highly knowledgeable about your vehicle and the parts it needs and is efficient in maintaining your vehicle.

All the Hyundai N Series vehicles at Don Valley North Hyundai are equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to make sure you and your passengers stay connected all the time.