Prepaid Maintenance

Prepaid Maintenance for Hyundai Vehicles

Steer clear of uncertainty with Prepaid Maintenance.  Don Valley North Hyundai's prepaid maintenance packages help you easily plan your service budget, and ensures that your Hyundai will continue to perform the way the Factory meant it to - safely and reliably.

With Don Valley North Hyundai's Prepaid Maintenance, bring your Hyundai in for its scheduled service, and rest assured that we'll take care of it from there. You won't have to worry about whether your upcoming service is a costly service interval or how much the covered services cost.


  • Lock in the cost of maintenance on your Hyundai at today's prices - protect yourself from future price increases for parts and labour
  • Maintenance completed by Hyundai trained technicians with Hyundai Genuine Parts
  • Prepaid maintenance could helps increase the resale and trade value of your Hyundai
  • Plans are transferrable to the next owner if you sell your Hyundai

Savings for You:

  • Save by purchasing service coverage in bulk rather than one at a time
  • Add prepaid maintenance into your finance or lease contract and pay as part of your regular payment
  • Protect yourself from future price increases by securing your price today
  • No out of pocket expenses for covered services

A Plan that works for You:


Hyundai Premium Plan Covers all maintenance requirements
Hyundai Premium+ Plan Includes wearable items in addition to items included in the Premium plan.

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